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Mysticism enhanced male oblivion - Most of what Mysticism offers will be used primarily on your gear. The.1 version of the mod includes dozens of features: seasonal weather patterns, improved visualization of most celestial features found in the game, more than 40 new weather types (the default number is 7 and ad Wrye Bash Wrye. If you want to help us out, please send us a message so we can add you as a contributor! For example, The Steed 's 20 Speed bonus becomes pointless with efficient leveling (which is another essential aspect of an Optimized Character that will be covered later on whereas. These are the prime reasons you should pick out races with high Health, Magicka, and Magic Resistance: High Magicka will allow you to cast more powerful spells and cast them more frequently. It is vital that you gain a 5 bonus for your Endurance every level until it has reached 100 so that you can achieve your characters maximum possible health.

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An Ultimate Character is a character who has been completely customized and retrofitted with a mostly predetermined list of skills, attributes, and equipment that have been determined as appropriate for end game optimization. New head shapes, skin textures, normal maps, eye textures and some new hairstyles covering all races in the game, including Dremoras and Shivering Isles races, all built to a single unified art direction that adheres to the styles of Skyrim and teso. Avoid the more pointless enchantments when choosing your gear. Enemies can't block magical spells with physical methods, which means that you are given an opportunity to counter their blocks. Not all textures from all mods are used and some have been modified, and not all are available on the Nexus. Clothing, collectables, Treasure Hunts and Puzzles, combat. It is possible to compensate for this with custom potions, Absorb Magicka spells and the Spell Absorption provided with the birthsign, but it will prove quite difficult at lower levels. Dungeons - New, dungeons - Vanilla, eNB Preset. Optimized Character's Oghma Infinium Choice edit Optimized Character's Active Effects edit Positive Effects Negative Effects. The enhanced male oblivion default setting of 1 is to always keep the player shadow visible. Armor is vital in Oblivion.

However, the bonus comes at a large price; you will not be able to regenerate Magicka if you choose this birthsign. Welkynd stones help overcome the Atronach's effect of not being able to regenerate magicka as they fully recharge your magicka with one stone. As long as you complete quests at level 30, you will receive the most powerful versions of quest rewards (refer to Leveled Item Quests for a list of quests with leveled rewards). 279KB.7k 819.8k Oblivion Stutter Remover obse required. MenuQue - obse Plugin An obse Plugin that adds various additional UI functions, some quest functions and some misc functions. Soul Trap - Allows your character to trap souls in Soul Gems. View the Free Skill Boosts page for more information on how to do this. Millionth Member Competition, miscellaneous, modders Resources Tutorials, models And Textures.

Choosing races based on their Greater Powers is inadvisable, because frankly, being an ultimate character skilled in all magic means that you won't really need them. Armorer - Useful for repairing your gear. 'The Silver' asked for my permission to do a translation, 39KB.9k 722.2k Alternative Start Arrive by Ship This mod replaces the tutorial dungeon with a ships cabin. Environmental, gameplay Effects and Changes, guilds/Factions, immersion. Companions - CM Based, companions - Creatures, companions - Other. Our wiki should be a resource that every one of our users can go to when they need help, for bugs, or mods, or anything about. High Magic Resistance will help you acquire an immunity to Magicka quickly without having to wear multiple armors and jewelry. Using a darker grass texture can also make it less noticeable, such as Betty's Far Cry Inspired enhanced male oblivion Grass (darker replacer version). Some spells may not appear useful singularly, but mix and match combinations to create powerful spells. The Atronach - A great Magicka boost (the biggest boost possible, 150 points) and an extremely useful Spell Absorption effect that serves as a big step toward achieving magicka immunity. 1.6MB.6k.6m Oblivion mod manager This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution. Refine by category, clear selection.

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Without the expansion or official downloads, this means either Daedric Armor (for users of Heavy Armor) or Glass Armor (for users of Light Armor) and some variety of Daedric weapon (preferably one-handed to allow shield use all of which should be repaired to 125 quality. Read the article on Efficient Leveling for specific instructions on how to do this. Better Bouncing Boobs for hgec. Resist Magic rating in order to gain an immunity to magic easily. Blade or Blunt - Use one (or both) of these, they're pretty similar. Marksman - Ranged attacks are normally pretty weak, but when combined with enhanced male oblivion Sneak, arrows essentially become "Assassin Missiles".

As getting the most out of this plugin is all about making tweaks to the config, I've altered. Oblivion Stutter Remover obse required. Banner by /u/Avian81, Mehrunes Dagon snoo by /u/Avian81 too, Older Gray Fox snoo by /u/QuiteTheOptimist, thanks! Improved Trees and Flora 2: m/ oblivion /mod. What more can a person want?

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DarkUId DarN: m/ oblivion /mod. Welcome to /r/ oblivion! Regarding Bugs: Quite often on this sub we get users who ask for help for bugs, or with mods, enhanced male oblivion that have been solved before. Choose the one that fits your aesthetic tastes. This page is designed as a guide to creating an Ultimate Character. You can increase this if you always want to see more actor shadows before other small objects. Please Note: Before posting a question, please take a time to read our.

Stacking Feather spells will allow you to drastically increase your maximum carrying weight for a short time, which allows you to expedite the looting process. Birthsign edit, secondly, you are offered a birthsign. To reduce this clutter, we have a link search filter. Eg.: Shadows:Lightloscheck SkipLargeObjects1 Shadows:LargeObjects HigherPriority1 Shadows:Playerloscheck Exterior0 ExcludeLightlospaths1 Troubleshooting If you don't use Oblivion Reloaded and see weird self shadows on actors and creatures, you can disable them in i by adding "35,36,37" to the list of excluded types. Shock Damage is the most useful type of elemental damage, as very few creatures are resistant. Make sure you have advanced ten times in Endurance enhanced male oblivion skills for that well earned 5 bonus in Endurance. Installation, this mod requires, oBSE, as it is an obse plugin.

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Here are some tips on choosing one: The best birthsigns for an ultimate character are those that boost Endurance or overall Magicka, rather than those that provide powers. This is a fork of the enhanced male oblivion original shadeMe plugin which features improved shadow queueing, fixes the problem of disappearing shadows when turning, and adds some additional options and optimizations. Once all of your attributes have been maxed, work on upgrading your skill levels. Several separate mods by various people have been integrated into Better Cities. These races would include: Imperial male /Female) - good overall fatigue bonus/equal health/magicka.

Items and Objects - Player, items and Objects - World, landscape Changes. Oblivion, animals, Creatures, Mounts Horses, animation. Fonts are smaller, settings can be adjusted in game, user controls are scaled, more info on screen, and the hud is vastly improved. Affects both player and NPCs. Remember to add keywords if your problem is a specific one. The Journeyman level dodging perk and master level water jumping perk will both decrease on-foot travel time and increase combat movement ability. Oblivion to look near to, or maybe even better than (vanilla) Skyrim. 188.5MB.9k.0m Oblivion Graphics Extender This is a continuation by Ethatron of Timeslip's work on the original obge, and Scanti and ShadeMe's work on obgev2, and will allow the user to improve Oblivion 's graphical engine. Remaining issues Shadows add up when they overlap. Shadows:General EnableDetailedDebugSelection0: This option now dumps shadow caster details to shadeMe. The best defensive enchantments are Fortify Magicka, Spell Absorption, Reflect Damage, and Reflect Spell.

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Light sources such as torches won't properly lighten areas darkened by shadows. The master-level perk allows you to ignore the opponent's Armor Rating on a sneak attack. Birthsigns that provide Greater or Lesser powers are useful only for the early levels for an ultimate character, and some birthsigns provide attribute bonuses that are not particularly useful. 17KB.2k 606.4k Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons Better enhanced male oblivion Animation Skeleton with ALL the bones in every custom skeleton for Oblivion. Oblivion, grass Overhaul: m/ oblivion /mod. Also note that it is impossible to manually enchant gear with Reflect effects; you must find equipment pre-enchanted with them. More spell effects can be found on the Useful Spells page. And per-NPC/Race/scripted body/head texture/model overriding. When I'm not recording I get around 60-70 fps, but while recording I get 40-60. Tags must include Tags must not include Filter by: File size Downloads Endorsements Unofficial Oblivion Patch An Oblivion mod that fixes over 2,500 bugs (and 70,000 object placement errors.) 149.7MB.1k.8m Unofficial Oblivion Patch An Oblivion mod. The Warrior or The Lady - A ten point Endurance boost will make a big difference later in the game, and the Strength or Willpower boost will mean more efficient leveling for you.

Acrobatics - Mostly useful for getting around quicker. Although any race has the potential to be ultimate, here are some specific recommendations. Shock Damage - Allows for the destructive use of Shock magic. Equip Heavy Armor and let it attack you. It's probably best to opt for a specialization in combat so that you can upgrade your endurance-enhancing skills more easily and quickly; otherwise, you will want to choose the specialization that governs the least amount of your major. For Oblivion version.2.416 only.

enhanced male oblivion

(int value) Shadows:General BoundRadiusWeight5.0: Apply weight to object bound radius when queuing normal objects, so that larger enhanced male oblivion objects can have higher priority (float multiplier) Shadows:General ReduceGrids1: Reduce the object search to the 3x3 grid when queueing exterior shadows, can increase performance while limiting distance. The.1 version of the mod includes dozens of features: seasonal weather patterns, improved visualization of most celestial features found in the game, more than 40 new weather types (the default number is 7 and.0MB.8k.0m Natural Environments. Stealth edit Sneak - Delivering a powerful attack before starting the real fight can be useful and sneak does just that. Choose Endurance and Luck as your favored attributes (Endurance for a larger health bonus and Luck so that you may max it out more quickly). However, keep in mind that the Skeleton Key will likely render the ability to pick locks completely pointless. The source code for this fork is available on GitHub. Combat skills for a Magic class, Magic skills for a Combat class, etc.) is the most advisable method, because it directly translates to faster leveling.

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Again, this is a resource the entire community should be able to learn from, and we really need your help. When choosing your skills, keep in mind that selecting skills that do not fall under the specialization you have chosen for your class (ex. Here are some tips for maximizing the usefulness of your equipment: Quality - Always have the best quality equipment possible. The best thing about Armorer is the expert-level perk of repairing items to 125, essentially increasing their effectiveness. Feather - Increases the maximum carrying weight of your character. Illusion magic makes dungeon cruising easier thanks to the Chameleon/Invisibility and Light/Night Eye spells, and it renders Speechcraft useless with its library of mind-altering spells. The passive increase in jumping height is also useful and fun. Spoiler: Show Oblivion Reloaded.0 (HDR Bloom Shadows has most visual impact) Enhanced Camera.4b Cobl Cosmetics Res 01 Cobl Saddlebags MultiSneak v1 fcom Slof's Horses.1 Better Rainbows Atmospheres v3 Atmospheres.1 Update Atmospheres.1 Cloudy3 Atmospheres.2.

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Paralyze, an infinitely useful and fun spell, is also a type of Illusion magic. Dispel can also be of use, particularly against summoners. Oblivion, reloaded with, enableShadows1 is highly recommended to get the best shadow quality and to avoid issues with actor self-shadows. For example, any race besides a Breton would have to wear a few items of Magic Resistance (at least 3 items, or at least 2 for an Orc while Bretons would only have to wear one item ( a single Mundane Ring ). Donation Points system, this mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points, this is a fork of the original shadeMe plugin which features improved shadow queueing, fixes the problem of disappearing shadows when turning, and adds some additional options and optimizations.

4.5MB.4k.0m Official Oblivion 12416 Patch This is the Official Oblivion.2.416 Patch. Spell Effects edit There are a number of extremely useful spells that an Optimized Character cannot be without. It's goal is to rid the pc version of the horrid xbox interface. You can now get nice dynamic shadows on architecture and landscape with a low shadow count and minimal performance drop. Detect Life - Allows you to see where your enemy is around corners. To do this, summon a Skeleton (apprentice-level Conjuration spell) and attack it 3 times so that it turns on you. Mercantile - The expert and master level perks in this skill (the ability to invest in a shop and the additional 500g that merchants have to barter with) will earn you a lot of gold. Another apparent engine limitation. In, oblivion.ini, the following option must be set for the plugin to work correctly. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks. Some of the most notable mods are as follows: A Tweaked ENB: m/ oblivion /mod. Cliff's Smokey p, natural_Vegetation_by_Max_p.

'The Silver' asked for my permission to do a translation, Oblivion Graphics Extender This is a continuation by Ethatron of Timeslip's work on the original obge, and Scanti and ShadeMe's work on obgev2, and will allow the user to improve Oblivion 's graphical engine. Illusion - Arguably the best magic school with a huge variety of spells. Try and use a large variety of skills in order to develop tactics that make effective use of your fluency in multiple specializations. If you are good enough at Sneak and Marksman you can send arrow after arrow into your enemy while remaining undetected, with each hit registering as a sneak attack. Please subscribe and read our sidebar before you post! Night-Eye - Enhances your character's vision with a blue tint that allows for clearer vision in dark areas. 1.1MB.6k 683.6k MenuQue - obse Plugin An obse Plugin that adds various additional UI functions, some quest functions and some misc functions. DarNified UI This mod gives the Oblivion UI the most extensive facelift yet. Requirements, nexus requirements, permissions enhanced male oblivion and credits, author's instructions. Summoned creatures are also a good source of souls. Many quests in Oblivion will provide you with truly epic rewards. Shadows on grass is a trade-off between weirdly bright grass in dark spots sometimes, or shadows randomly popping on grass. The Mage - A decent Magicka bonus without any nasty side effects.

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Alteration - Not the most useful magic for an Optimized Character, but its Feather effects will earn you a lot of gold. This will cause your Heavy Armor level to level at an amazing rate. If you think you may not achieve a rating of 100 in every attribute, focus on upgrading more useful skills. It's also a good idea to disable player LOS checks in exteriors for performance reasons, but you can still have them enabled as long as Shadows:Lightloscheck SkipLargeObjects1 and Shadows:Playerloscheck ExcludeLightlospaths1 are set. Leveling Up edit An Ultimate Character is only truly ultimate if they manage to level efficiently. Disabling grass is another drastic way to deal with this (and give a boost to FPS at the same time).

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General configuration, the included i has good performance-friendly defaults, and you should not need to tweak it much except for the shadow counts. As for your actual choice, it depends what you want: higher Health or higher Magicka. Restoration - Restoration will save you from death many times; remember that damage is damage, regardless of how much Health you have, and enough of it will send you to an early grave. Immigration forms allow you to determine your character. Oblivion.ini must be set to a high enough value above the actual shadow count. 166KB.5k.1m Blockhead An enhanced male oblivion obse plugin that adds support for gender variant head models and textures for NPCs. Also, you should not worry about skill bonuses because skills are fairly easy to upgrade anyway.